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Our equipment pool includes the following:
  • Flatbed
  • Extendable Flatbeds
  • Vans
  • Step Decks
  • Extendable Step Decks
  • Double-Drop
  • Extendable Double Drops
  • Steerable Dollies
  • Wind Trailers: Towers, Nacelles, Hubs, Blades, Transformers and Accessories
  • Two 33,000 lb Fork Lifts
  • 275 Ton Crane
  • Crane and Rigging Capability
  • Multi Axel Heavy Haul up to 16 Axles
  • Max Weight Hauled 220,000 LBS

We Can Do The Job

We have dependable equipment to heavy haul oversized loads to their destinations. With decades of experience, we’re certain to get the job done efficiently. Get started today.